Stalker's Claw


The jungle's gifts are paid for by blood and pain, and blood and pain are the jungle's gifts.

Stalker's Claw is a Crafting Material in Remnant: From the Ashes. Stalker's Claw is used as a component to craft numerous items. Materials can be found in various ways such as enemy or boss drops, scattered in various locations, and inside treasure crates/chests. Crafting Materials can be given to a Merchant and are mainly used as ingredients for Crafting.



 Stalker's Claw Usage



How to Find Stalker's Claw

  • Can be obtained by playing the Lullaby song at the boss fight against The Ravager
  • From the entrance of the boss arena: Right bell is 1, left bell is 2, center bell is 3, far left bell is 4, far right bell is 5. The combination of bells are: 5-1-5-1-2-3-4-1



Stalker's Claw Notes & Tips

  • Max number held: X



Crafting Materials
Ancient Core  ♦  Barbed Sinew  ♦  Black Tear  ♦  Blazing Heart  ♦  Blink Spear Shard  ♦  Cold Cell  ♦  Crystalline Plasma  ♦  Displacement Crystal  ♦  Dragon Links  ♦  Dreamer's Mana  ♦  Flesh Barb  ♦  Forged Iron  ♦  Galvanized Iron  ♦  Glacial Scepter  ♦  Glowing Fragment  ♦  Guardian Tentacle  ♦  Hammerhead's Ore  ♦  Hardened Carapace  ♦  Hardened Iron  ♦  Hivestone  ♦  Hollow Seed  ♦  Hound Choker  ♦  Iron  ♦  Iskal Husk  ♦  Jackal's Ivory  ♦  Kin Caller's Bell  ♦  Lumenite Crystal  ♦  Luminous Gland  ♦  Obryk's Bracelet  ♦  Radioactive Skull  ♦  Root Neoplasm  ♦  Sentinel Shard  ♦  Shadewood  ♦  Shrapnel Shard  ♦  Silver Fragment  ♦  Simulacrum  ♦  Slime Vessel  ♦  Spore Gland  ♦  Steel of Agony  ♦  Stone of the Guardian  ♦  Storm Crystal  ♦  Swarm Tusk  ♦  Tempest heartstring  ♦  Tentacle Pod  ♦  The Undying Heart  ♦  Thermal Geode  ♦  Totem Antler  ♦  Twisted Heart  ♦  Unclean Heart  ♦  Void Sliver  ♦  Zephyr's Conduit



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    • Anonymous

      It's quite possible to do and having done it i can say it suffers heavily from american programming. Poorly made, buyy and terrible registration, you might end up having to attempt it a couple times.

      • Anonymous

        Who the hell thought it was a good idea to let the bells be breakable? Whats the point of having this alternative option of the boss can make it non-existent?

        • Anonymous

          For those struggling on console to shoot bells fast enough, try using an adrenaline. Helped me a lot and I got it on the second try after using one.

          • The hunting rifle is best for doing the bell sequence since it's accurate and has decent fire rate, as well as not being automatic, so it minimizes the chance of an accidental double-tap. I find that standing to the right of the middle bell, between it and the stone totem to its right, is the best place to start since it positions you well to hit bells 5 and 1 in rapid succession.

            • Anonymous

              You know you've got it right when El Doggo starts yapping. For those people that said they can't get it to work; you really need to shoot the bells in a melody-like-manner; about 1 bell getting shot for every 1 second. So it's best for you to position yourself by bell 3 ( following the notes above in shooting the bells) with line of sight to every bell. Also if you're playing in a higher difficulty, it's best to just end yourself/ reset and start over, otherwise the bells can break and it'll piss off El Doggo and starts the fight, and ofc the otherway to trigger the fight is when you're way too close to it (like touching his little cave hole), he'll at least snarl warning you you're too close.

              • Anonymous

                When you input the puzzle CORRECTLY he has dialogue talking about the Root, that’s how you know you’ve done it correctly and you can go and talk to him.

                • Anonymous

                  We had the last battle of the lullaby while he was up on the cliff and he just got stuck there until we killed him

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