Root Mother


Location Earth - Ward 13

Check Root Mother (Boss) for the Boss version of this NPC.

Root Mother is an NPC in Remnant: From the Ashes.


Root Mother Information

  • Initially, the player will meet the Root Mother in the Church of the Harbinger. After protecting her, she will move to Ward 13.
  • The Root Mother will provide you with information and Merchant services, and is also able to upgrade the number of charges of the Dragon Heart.


Merchant's Inventory:


Associated Quests

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  • "We see all things. We are the Root Mother, a vessel of wisdom through which the Root speaks."
  • [How do I get through the storm around the atoll?] "The storm? The shield... The cloak that conceals the inevitable end... Has the hour come?"
  • [I'm looking for the Founder, he came to see you.] "The Founder...consumed by desperation and pride, now gone beyond this world. An unwitting harbinger of... Could it be? Has the hour come?"
  • "Yes. Clearer it becomes. You seek to end the Root, but the path is hidden"
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue 


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Misty Lee


Root Mother Lore

  • The Root Mother was once human but made the decision to sacrifice herself in an attempt to interface with the Root hive mind and hinder it from the inside, going to the old church and physically binding herself to the Root there, transforming her into a human-root hybrid. Eventually the player frees her from her prison, and she returns to Ward 13 to aid them.

  • Root Mother's original human name was Evelyn Ceder.

  • She is Commander Ellen Ford’s grandmother.

  • Founder Andrew Ford was her husband.

  • The world stone is what made Andrew Ford immortal. He had to find the Root Mother to become mortal again.

  • An old journal of hers can be found in the room the player awakens in upon entering Ward 13, with the writings detailing earlier days of the war, the start of her dreams, and her romance with Ford.  A second journal can be found in a room in the church after defending the Root Mother - detailing more dreams, connections to the Root, and events leading to Evelyn becoming the Root Mother.


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    • Anonymous

      There was much potential in this character and yet, she was wasted. After you kill your Earth main boss (Dragon or Ent), she speaks to you one last time, but after that, you can only make her the same question over and over. Like it would have been so nice, if she reflected on the fall of the Dreamer, the infestation on Yaesha, the past invasion of Rhom or Ward Prime and the death of Harsgaard. But she has no lines relating to that, despite that she should know about all of these. Same is with Ford, whom you can't tell about Clementine and Harsgaard either...

      • Anonymous

        I’m on a ng+ and her mission is glitched. It says to meet her in Ward 13 and won’t progress further than that. What do I do?

        • Anonymous

          There is a bug in multiplayer where the player will be unable to talk with her until the server owner talks to her first.

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