Warlord's Set


Total Armor


Total Weight


Total Resistances
Armor Set Bonus


Dragon Hearts are no longer consumed for healing. They instead increase Ranged and Melee damage, grant lifesteal, and drain 200% health over 30s. Kills heal 5% over 3s.

One Piece
+10% Damage, +1% Lifestea
Two Pieces
+25% Damage, +2% Lifesteal
Three Pieces
+35% Damage, +3.5% Lifesteal

Warlord's Set is an Armor Set in Remnant: From the Ashes added in the Subject 2923 DLC. Warlord's Set has an armor skill that provides unique passive abilities (all sets add buffs and effects to various stats).

Where to find Warlord's Set

  • Reisum - Frieran Sea dungeon. Instead of entering the ship, move to the left, drop down and continue along the hull until you see a series of platforms to climb on. At the top will be a hole and a prompt to view the armor. Do this before bringing back the Master's Tusk to Sebum, then speak with Sebum and bargain for the armor.


Warlord's Set Set Pieces


Warlord's Set Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Name Total Armor
Warlord's Set  71
Warlord's Set +1 -
Warlord's Set +2 -
Warlord's Set +3 -
Warlord's Set +4 -
Warlord's Set +5 -
Warlord's Set +6 -
Warlord's Set +7 -
Warlord's Set +8 -
Warlord's Set +9 -
Warlord's Set +10 256.5
Warlord's Set +11 275
Warlord's Set +12 293.6
Warlord's Set +13 312.1
Warlord's Set +14 330.7
Warlord's Set +15 349.2
Warlord's Set +16 367.8
Warlord's Set +17 386.3
Warlord's Set +18 404.9
Warlord's Set +19 423.4
Warlord's Set +20 442






Warlord's Set Notes

  • Dragon Hearts are not consumed upon using.
  • Deathwish can't kill you. It will leave you wih 1 health instead.
  • The negative effect of Deathwish can be countered with the Band of Discord and the Triage trait.
  • The Armor Skill Level depends on the number of pieces you have equipped. Set pieces may be found from crates/chests, in various locations, purchased from Merchants, and by crafting it.
  • Players can equip and change their desired armor on the fly by opening the character menu.
  • These can be upgraded by crafting and using required various Crafting Materials to increase its attributes.



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    • Anonymous

      So if you've already turned the quest in without peeking at the armor, are you just locked out of it until you get this dungeon again?

      • Anonymous

        if you're wearing this set plus mender's charm and discord ring, will you still heal allies like normal when using the set buff?

        • Anonymous

          my only gripe with this set is I wish it has an innate faster dragon heart consumption and can refresh the buff without having to wait the effects to wear off. they were times where I was not able to burn the boss fast then I lose the buff putting myself in danger to activate the buff again while being swarmed by like bazillion trash mobs.

          • Anonymous

            Hi, I have few questions, hope to get some help:
            Does BAND OF DISCORD is still a thing with it?
            Does TRIAGE still combine with it, thought one patch prevent synergy of TRIAGE with lifesteal?
            Does BURDEN OF DEVOTED effect works?
            Asking those question, because I read several comments going against those elements, thank you for your help!

            • Found a broken bug in the same vain as terror margin (look for my post there, or don't) where vaulting/rolling into a breakable object regains full health (only this works when using all 3 pieces, less pieces = less health).

              Abuse this for as long as you can, because this is definitely going to be patched sooner or later.

              • Anonymous

                The people here say you should use Mender's Amulet but they are refering to Mender's Charm in case you wondered.

                • Anonymous

                  If u use this with Mender's amulet and Band of Discord u become unstoppeble. The healing of menders amulet alsof applys to the life steal. The 200% healthdrain is completly negate. The dragon hearts don't lose Stacks so u can just keep casting the buff.

                  • Anonymous

                    Is this armor bugged? I got the chest piece in survival mode and used a heart while fighting a boss. I was using the assault rifle but I was drained to death regardless. the boss didn't even have to get close enough to hit me. the armor did the job instead. I lasted about 5 seconds after using a heart thanks to the massive drain.

                    • Haha if you run out of things to kill and are dying because of it remember. Just roll against breakable stuff like krates or barrles. You actually lifesteal off it and it will heal you right up.

                      • Anonymous

                        It doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere on the page, but Dragon Hearts are not consumed when using them while wearing Warlord's Armor. You essentially have infinite uses of the Dragon Heart (or can rez other players up to 9 times while still continuing to buff yourself). Also not mentioned is that the bonus for wearing any piece of this set is "Kills heal 5% over 3 seconds".

                        Just use w/ Mender's amulet and Band of Discord and you have no health loss while also draining a massive amount of health.

                        • Anonymous

                          Band of discord and blood font make the healthy loss negligible. Menders charm and band of discord you completely negate the health loss and get a small amount from band of discord

                          • Anonymous

                            if you have problems to survive the damage incom from the degen use Band of Discord healing 125health over 30sec and/or use a weapon mod that deals damage over time.

                            • Anonymous

                              This set Is rly strong against some bosses that stand in the same Place for most of the boss fight and rly weak against other boss that are more mobile or have some phase were they cant be damaged for some reason. Maybe 200% of self damage Is a bit too High

                              • The set bonus from this set is honestly disappointing. The concept of the set is amazing, but the execution of the concept deserves execution. Why?
                                1) The inability to heal from dragon hearts is a pretty hefty penalty. Sure, you heal 15% of total health on killing an enemy, but the inability to have instant healing in a game designed to kill you in as many cheap ways as it can is horrible.
                                2) The self damage is fatal. Yes, you heard me correctly. The self damage from the set can and WILL kill you if you can't find an enemy to hit or the boss becomes untargetable/invulnerable.
                                3) The damage bonus is not worth the risk. As others have stated, the Elder Set not ONLY allows you to have more hearts to use (25% chance to not consume a heart, effectively giving you 25% more hearts to use in a fight) it also increases the damage of all party members by 30% for the EXACT same amount of time.
                                4) The lifesteal is good, but the animation to use the heart and the time it takes to actually hit the enemy with any ranged weapon makes this set bonus suicidal at less than 15% health. No more clutch heals by narrowly avoiding the final boss attack and recovering.
                                5) Then armor set is HEAVY weight, meaning you need to take up an amulet or ring slot to make it usable. Aka, Leto's Amulet or Bright Steel Ring.

                                Conclusion? For 10% less damage, you can have a light dodge roll AND buff your entire team while still being able to heal yourself with Elder. The set looks interesting and has a unique effect, but it is effectively weaker than the majority of other armor sets in the game. The build-around for this armor set is just weaker than running Leto's with the same build. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

                                • Anonymous

                                  the life steal and damage on this set are pretty insane with dot builds I'm finding, additionally, wearing the Band of Discord to offset the health drain really helps.

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