Twisted Mask

Armor 9
Weight 6
Armor Skill Regrowth
Armor Type Head Armor
Total Resistances
Bleed  -6 Fire -6
Rot 36 Radiation -6
Corrosive -6 Shock -6

Twisted Mask is a Head Armor and an Armor piece in Remnant: From the Ashes. Twisted Mask is part of the Twisted Set. Each set piece consists of an armor skill that provides unique passive abilities which adds buffs and effects to various stats.



"The oak watches. The oak whispers. The oak wills."

Where to find Twisted Mask


Twisted Mask Armor Skill

Armor Skills are special passive abilities imbued to an armor piece which grants a player various buffs and an increase of various stats. In order to acquire the maximum value of an armor skill. A player must equip the full armor set to acquire a Skill Level 3. In some cases, if you equip two armor pieces of an Armor Set you'll only acquire a Skill Level 2 Armor Skill and if you only equip one, then you'll only acquire the Skill Level 1 Armor Skill.


Regrowth: Slowly regenerates Health over time. Melee hits steal Health from enemies (2.5%).

  • Skill Level 1
    • +0.304 Health Per Second
  • Skill Level 2
    • +0.375 Health Per Second
  • Skill Level 3
    • +0.56 Health Per Second




Twisted Mask Upgrade Table

Upgrading an armor piece only increases the armor piece's stats and resistances. It does not increase the value of the Armor Skill.

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Name Armor
Twisted Mask  9
Twisted Mask +1 14.4
Twisted Mask +2 19.9
Twisted Mask +3 25.3
Twisted Mask +4 30.8
Twisted Mask +5 36.2
Twisted Mask +6 41.7
Twisted Mask +7 47.1
Twisted Mask +8 52.6
Twisted Mask +9 58
Twisted Mask +10 63.5
Twisted Mask +11 68.9
Twisted Mask +12 74.4
Twisted Mask +13 79.8
Twisted Mask +14 85.3
Twisted Mask +15 90.7
Twisted Mask +16 96.2
Twisted Mask +17 101.6
Twisted Mask +18 107.1
Twisted Mask +19 112.5
Twisted Mask +20 118



Twisted Mask Notes

  • The Armor Skill Level depends on the number of pieces you have equipped. Set pieces may be found from crates/chests, in various locations, purchased from Merchants, and by crafting it.

  • Players can equip and change their desired armor on the fly by opening the character menu.

  • These can be upgraded by crafting and using required various Crafting Materials to increase its attributes.




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    • Anonymous

      21 Aug 2019 19:45  

      At the time of this posting, searching twisted hood just sends you to this page, even though the hood's inventory image is on the site :^]

      • Anonymous

        21 Aug 2019 19:43  

        This isn't the piece of armor you can craft with the rest of the set, that helmet is called the twisted hood. This item, like someone else mentioned, you find in a dungeon. If this page gets corrected, ignore this comment :)

        • Anonymous

          21 Aug 2019 12:30  

          you can find guy with twisted mask in dungeon that talks strange things and if you kill him you get twisted mask

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