Terror Margin

Status Effect
Melee hits steal 1.5% of the base damage dealt as Health. For every 25% missing Health, gain an additional 1.5% lifesteal. With full health, gain 20% Melee damage.

Terror Margin is an Amulet and an accessory in Remnant: From the Ashes. Terror Margin isn't a Craftable Item. Amulets provide additional protection or other bonuses to your character, add buffs to the player's Stats, and resistance to Status Ailments. Different accessories have different defense values and are, therefore, more or less effective.



Immortality. Equality. Cessation. Serenity. The Root can offer all at once.


Where to find Terror Margin



Terror Margin Notes

  • Unlike the Leech Ember, The Terror Margin's heal-on-hit can trigger off of hitting breakable objects as well as just active enemies.
  • Damage to breakable objects from Rolls or Flops also seem to trigger this heal.
  • Players can only equip one Amulet
  • To manage and equip an amulet, open the Character Menu and cycle to the accessories slot below the Armor slots.



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    • Found a broken bug with this amulet. If you roll/vault into any breakable object you regain full health (this was fixed after the rework to triage not affecting leach, heals around 75% now). Siphoner seems to affect the amount of health leached as well (as expected), but warlord also increases the amount leached dramatically.

      Abuse this for as long as you can, as the devs might patch this.

      • Anonymous

        This amulet (maybe because of overheal ?) seem to bug revive. You mate revive you, but you stay on the ground ...

        • Anonymous

          This thing is amazing for a unarmed build. Go full Leto, this amulet, the ring from the swamp that gives 3x dmg and 6x bellyflop and the one from rural earth that gives 50% more melee and you you belly flop for 6k.

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