Parasite Status

 Status Visual


 Obtained by a Iskal Infector

Parasite is an Status Ailment within Remnant: From the Ashes

Parasite Information

  • Parasite is a status ailment which is unique to Corsus, which is conflicted by being grabbed by a Iskal Infector and failing to resist using the quick time event.
  • This status ailment is unique as it actually has positive outcomes for the player to be suffering it.
  • While suffering from the Parasite effect, the player's health will be halved, but they will gain slightly increases health regeneration.
  • Parasite can be cured by either resting at a Checkpoint or World Stone, using an Antiserum, or being healed by the Dragon Heart while wearing the Cleansing Jewel.

Parasite Usage


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    • I almost sort of wish we had a way of applying this status to our characters via consumable, purely for the health regeneration. That and I wish the reduction to max hp functioned like restriction cord, so it could work well with Leto's damage reduction benefit.

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