Onyx Pendulum

Status Effect
Dealing firearm damage adds stacks which increase the damage of the stowed firearm by 2.5% for 15s. Stacks 10 times.

Onyx Pendulum is an Amulet and an accessory in Remnant: From the Ashes. Onyx Pendulum isn't a Craftable Item. Amulets provide additional protection or other bonuses to your character, add buffs to the player's Stats, and resistance to Status Ailments. Different accessories have different defense values and are, therefore, more or less effective.



The difference between civilians and survivors is survivors use what they got, all of what they got, over and over 'till everything's dead but them.


Where to find Onyx Pendulum



Onyx Pendulum Notes

  • You do not need to do both campaigns on the same character to get Onyx Pendulum.



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    • Anonymous

      I just got this after a long survival game so maybe you can get it by getting all the hardcore items in survival?

      • Anonymous

        Does anyone have a leveled up hardcore character they could help me speed run through to get this amulet?

        • Anonymous

          In case anyone's curious, the real requirement for this is have all other Hardcore rewards(Normally, you need to finished the whole campaign. However you can use savepoint save to directly fight bosses with a Hardcore character, thus getting all the rewards without going through the long story).

          • Anonymous

            Somebody figured out some build for this? I thought onyx pendulum and provisioner ring with some one shot weapon like crossbow/devastator and hunting pistol playing keep swapping. Should be nice but you can't use the slayer set so i'm not sure..

            • Anonymous

              Today I beat the DLC campaign with the same hardcore character that I beat the original campaign with and I only got the Shattered Vertebrae upon completion. This is the same character I originally unlocked the Nightmare Spiral with as well and unfortunately this pendulum did not drop. It appears the game's flag to check if the original campaign has been cleared on hardcore did not trigger, got reset, or it is not the same as the flag for clearing the Dreamer, thus leaving me to have to beat the original campaign on hardcore again. Hopefully this gets patched soon. The DLC was a great experience overall highly recommend.

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