Packmaster's Tusk


Enormous and sharp as rusted steel. Good thing it ain't attached to a living creature no more.

Packmaster's Tusk is a Key Item in Remnant: From the Ashes. Key Items are found in specific areas of a Location, given by NPCs, or are dropped by Bosses.



 Packmaster's Tusk Usage

  • Can be delivered to Sebum as part of the Warlord's Set armor quest line. It will only drop if Sebum is in that map.
    • Before bringing back the Packmaster's Tusk to Sebum, you need to first find and see the armor through a hole in the ship's bow. Then speak with Sebum and bargain for the armor.



How to Find Packmaster's Tusk

  • The Packmaster will be one specific Snow Jackal in the area. You must kill different Jackals until you find the correct one. The tusk will be automatically acquired upon killing him.  Do not kill the same Jackal repeatedly. 



Packmaster's Tusk Notes & Tips



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    • Anonymous

      So as of this date. I am completely convinced this drop is not random, just tethered to a specific "Pack Master"

      I spent about 20 minutes killing the same Pack masters over and over to no avail trying to get the tusk. So my 2nd thought was... maybe I'm just killing the wrong one?

      As soon as I ran off and killed another pack master which I had not killed before, I got it the tusk.

      This is not 100% confirmed as I have not replicated this since I just now completed it, but I have a strong belief that this is how the quest works.

      1.Sebum has to be in the same map in order for it to drop
      2.Kill all the pack masters you find until that specific "Pack Master" drops the tusk. As far as I know, there is not specific or visual difference.
      3. Don't forget to do the requirements for the armor before you turn it in.

      • Anonymous

        Okay, so drop seems semi-random, because on my second try I got the tusk from an unarmored version of this enemy in an area adjacent to Freiran's Sea (Sebum location), but could not get it from the armored ones in another area, though I've been farming them for about and hour or so. I also am not sure whether shooting them in the face does anything, but it's not like it changes much.

        • Anonymous

          I think is bugged the first time i dropped on the first encounter and now after 6 kills still have to drop

          • Anonymous

            it can be drop from Packmaster looking like a yetti monster
            and it will only drop if Sebum is in that map
            remember to break those create beside of the boat (not on the boat) and take a peek at the armor first before you talk to Sebum
            the reason for that so that you can bargain with Sebum with the armor
            if you went on ahead and talk to Sebum with take a peek at the hidden armor
            you basically bargain with nothing
            and you will end up only getting scrap

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