mar'gosh remnant

Location Corsus > Strange Pass
Race Iskal

Mar'Gosh is an NPC and Merchant in Remnant: From the Ashes added with the Swamps Of Corsus DLC.

Mar'Gosh Location

  •  Mar'Gosh may not spawn in your playthrough, and you will need to re-roll the campaign/adventure mode to attempt to get him.
  • Mar'Gosh is found in the area Strange Pass within Corsus.

Mar'Gosh Information

  • Warning - Approaching Mar'Gosh without the PARASITE status will result in him fighting you.


  • Mar'Gosh is a Iskal giant bug who can be spoken to while having the PARASITE Status Ailment from a Iskal Infector.
  • He has a vendor option where you can buy the Carapace Set using Hardened Carapace. earned by the Sketterling Temple event.
  • He can give the Luminescent Trait by getting the Opalescent Shell from the Mudling Queen Beetle  from The Abandoned Throne event in Corsus. Mudling Queen Beetle appears when you kill the other beetles around the The Abandoned Throne, once she is killed you will receive the Opalescent Shell, Get infected with PARASITE and head to speak with Mar'Gosh, you will give him the Opalescent Shell and you will acquire the Trait.
  • Brain Bug Event: You can choose to fight him either by talking to him and choosing the [Fight] option or by approaching him without the PARASITE Status Effect. Once defeated he will drop Gift of the Iskal. 


Merchant's Inventory:


  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: -
  • Mar'Gosh's appearance implies that he is a massively overgrown Skull Mite that subsumed its Fallen Swamp Elf host, with only the host's arms and upper body still plainly visible.



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    • Anonymous

      There is a bug if you leave his chamber after acquiring [Parasite] in which he will never be hostile or damagable, even after leaving the dungeon and coming back without [Parasite].

      • Anonymous

        There is a bug where the second time you visit them in a session, the brain bug event will be triggered but he will not be hostile if you have a parasite. Quitting to main menu/to desktop will NOT fix this, you will have to reroll until you get them again. In this state you cannot fight them either, and I haven't found any workaround, not even removing the parasite will let you fight them.

        • Anonymous

          Once you activate the big brain event, even if you die to him to go back and get infected he will not talk to you. You HAVE to kill him at that point.

          • Anonymous

            To anyone who came here to find out where its located, its dungeon is named Strange Pass and it has a cave entrance just like the base game Corsus cave maps. It will save you a lot of time if you plan to just look for him specifically.

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