Research Station Alpha is a Location in Remnant: From the Ashes. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.  

Leto's Lab

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Key Items

  • Research Station Alpha Keycard



Full Research Station Alpha Walkthrough

Research Station Alpha is one of the more unique dungeons that can be found on Earth. You can recognize it easily by its unique exterior and entryway.

research_station_alpha_exterior_1 research_station_alpha_exterior_3

Office Space

There are several offices with computers that offer insight into what occurred here.

The first thing you should see when entering the dungeon is a dormant Root, these Root will wake up upon activating the power if not killed first (which can be done and is recommended as while dormant they do not fight back).

Asleep Enemies

In order to progress, the power needs to be restored. Immediately to the right of the main entrance is a reactor room with a single computer. Access it to disable a bypass that will activate the power -- and cause a security breach. (It's worth noting that you can get the Research Station Alpha Keycard before you disable the bypass to save some time if you decide to kill the Root that are scattered around)

disable bypass

Numerous Root will start spawning in the area, and any of the dormant Root that you did not kill upon entering will awaken and attack until you can initiate a security lockdown. Make your way left of the entrance to security room in the back offices (hard to miss -- big room with double doors and windows) and use the security terminal to initiate a lockdown. This will kill the alarms and stop new enemies from spawning. 

disable alarm

If you haven't already, make your way to the office of Dr. Barbara Kline and grab the Research Station Alpha Keycard. Her office is blocked off by wooden shelves and can be easy to miss. But it will always be located directly across from the security room. Smash your way in and grab the card, which will allow you to enter the research labs below.

breakable bookshelves  ledo's_lab_keycard_location

The keycard opens a set of big double doors right in front of the entrance to the dungeon, which leads to the stairs to the research labs.


Research Labs

Upon exiting the stairwell, you will be confronted with several paths and rooms. To progress, head to the teleporter room to the right, although it's advised to clear out all the enemies first. Once inside the room, you will see a computer opposite the big cylindrical teleporter and when operated, prompts you to initialize the teleporter and then activate Leto's Algorithm.

ledo's_lab_teleporter_room ledo's_lab_teleporter_computer

You can use the teleporter with and without Leto's Algorithm activated. If you teleport while the algorithm is active, the teleporter will take you to the next checkpoint to progress to Riphide. If you teleport without the algorithm active, you will be teleported to random places around the dungeon (the teleporter can also take you to an area where you can gather 6 Lumenite) until you get to a room with a pile of burning corpses in the middle and a singular Splitter. Off to your right is a room with Leto's Armor Set, and across from that room is the stairs to take you back up to the teleporter room.

ledo's_lab_burning_bodies ledo's_lab_armor_set


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Trivia & Notes:

  • The burning bodies you see when you teleport without Leto's Algorithm are not enemy bodies, they are human bodies (yours, in fact, as well). The teleporter does not actually teleport you, instead it clones you in the selected or random location and incinerates the original. This information can be found and inferred from the computer across from the teleporter in the teleporter room.


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