Leto's Lab

leto's lab remnant
Location Earth, Research Station Alpha
Reward Leto's Set
Lumenite Crystal
Enemies Splitter
Ash Devil
Flame Devil

Leto's Lab is a Random Event in Remnant: From the Ashes. Random events act like side quests where players need to complete some requests in order to obtain a reward. The events may or may not appear on your play through, requiring a restart for a chance of getting them.

 For more information of the location itself, see the following page: Leto's Lab (Research Station Alpha)


Leto's Lab Location

  • Location: Earth, Research Station Alpha


Leto's Lab Description

  • There will be a reactor room to the right of the main entrance. You will have to access the terminal in that room to disable a bypass that will activate the power and cause a security breach.

  • There will be a dormant Splitter and they will wake up when activating the power. It is recommended to kill them while they are dormant.

  • When the power is active, Root enemies will start spawning and the dormant Splitter will awaken. Make your way left of the entrance to the security room in the back offices and use the security terminal to initiate a lockdown. This will stop enemies from spawning.

  • You can get the Research Station Alpha Keycard before you activate the power. The office the Research Station Alpha Keycard is in is blocked off by shelves and is located directly across the security room.

  • Use Research Station Alpha Keycard to open the double doors in front of the entrance, which will leads to the downstairs labs.

  • You will find a teleporter room and in it you can use the teleporter with or without Leto’s Algorithm.
    • If you teleported with the algorithm on, it will take you behind the locked doors which you can unlock using the Research Station Alpha Keycard. If you continue from the check point there it will lead you to Riphide.
    • Teleporting with the algorithm off will take to random places in the dungeon. One of them is area with the Lumenite Crystal and the other is a room with burning corpses and in it you can find Leto’s Set.



Leto's Lab Rewards



Leto's Lab Notes & Trivia

  • The teleporter does not teleport you, it clones you in the selected or random location and incinerates the original. The burning bodies you see when you teleport without Leto's Algorithm are your bodies.



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    • Anonymous

      Just looking through the comments about being horrified of the idea how the teleport works - this is actually the real-life approach to teleportation. There is no other way to make teleportation possible other than making a copy of yourself, transfering and rebuilding it. How or if you want to take care of the "origin"-body is the main morale problem involved with teleportation, just like with clones in general.

      • Anonymous

        Before you do anything in this level, make sure the Research Alpha Key spawned and grab it. I've had to reroll the map a couple different times because it did not spawn, and I couldn't get through the locked doors in the beginning of the level.

        • Anonymous

          • This "teleporter" is indeed a reference (as mentioned in another comment) to the 1995 novel "The Prestige" and the more famous 2006 film adaptation.

          • In the _Subject 2923_ expansion:

          Inside Ward Prime's Observatory (upstairs, above the blast doors, where the first recording by Urik Harsgaard can be found) there is a computer with two log entries by Leto Apostolakis from June 1968.
          He concludes the second entry (from June 26th) with the phrase "If only I could duplicate myself!", foreshadowing the teleporter's creation

          • Anonymous

            So the original body dies while transferring our consciousness and soul instantly to the new body... that is horrifyingly cool. That has to be the best lore I've seen in any game in my gaming history

            • Anonymous

              But you all realize that that thing is not a teleporter? It makes a copy of you at another place and incinerates you. These burning corpses are the remains. You even see one falling down the chute after you spawn in that grisly room.

              • Very cleverly-designed level. Remember, if you're looking for the entrance, it's the only one within an "office-type" building leading down. Kill the Splitters before you activate the security doodad. And mess with Leto's Algorithm a few times to get the "random warp" to eventually get you those Crystals up high, as well as the "burning skeleton" room with Leto's Armor. I recommend you bring Spitfire for the boss fight, as Riphide often likes to spawn with the "Hearty" condition.

                • Anonymous

                  Just turn off Leto's Algorithm and keep using the portal over and over until you get to the room with the burning corpses. I had to use the teleporter around 8 times before I got there.

                  • Anonymous

                    Good place to farm luminite shards. While I kept trying to read the lore from the notebook in basement i kept having flamers and sword dudes spawn with the occasional howler. Slow reading and 20 shards later I'm guessing it plays into the 'quantum replication' lore.

                    Also enable algorithm then disable it again to get the correct teleports

                    • Anonymous

                      You can get both of the rewards by using the teleporter multiple times, by switching between algorithm modes.

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