Ikro, the Ice Conjurer

Location Resium - Wuthering Keep
Weakness Head/ Fire (+15%)Radiation (+5%)
Resistance Frost (-15%)

Ikro, the Ice Conjurer is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. Ikro, the Ice Conjurer is a dungeon boss that is located in the Reisum realm. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress the game and to acquire special items and gear.

Ikro, the Ice Conjurer Location

  • Location: Reisum - Wuthering Keep
  • This boss may not spawn on your playthrough, you will need to re-roll your Campaign/Adventure Mode to find it. 

Ikro, the Ice Conjurer Rewards


Ikro, the Ice Conjurer Strategies

Strategy Writeup

There are two storm clouds that move clockwise in circles around the arena. Try to stay ahead of them, as they can deal damage in the area below them as they revolve around.

You can use the structures as cover to reload your weapons and heal, but be careful because they can be destroyed if they get enough damage.

As soon as you enter the arena, Ikro will begin by casting his Conjured Ice. You can get off some free damage into his weakpoint (head) before the Conjured Ice spawns.

When Ikro spawns small adds, make sure to defeat them as soon as possible, as he will be immune to attacks until they are defeated, similar to the elite enemies in dungeons.

When he conjures the Ice Spear he will remain stationary. If you manage to deal enough damage before he releases it he will stagger and the attack will be canceled. Another effective strategy can be to deal damage to him over the top of obstacles as he conjures, then take cover before he fires.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Conjured Ice: He will summon a black ball above him that shoots Ice shards toward you at high speed, which will not stop until it is eliminated. Make sure to attack and destroy the Conjured Ice as soon as it spawns. If you need to reload, search for cover or you won't be able to survive
Summon Adds: He will summon adds and become invulnerable Make sure to defeat the adds as soon as you can. Once you've dealt with them he will become vulnerable again.
Ice Spear: He will summon a giant Ice spear and throw it towards you This attack takes a long time. You can use the opportunity to attack his head and deal critical damage. If you deal enough damage you will stagger him preventing the attack.
Weapon Attack: He will shoot balls from his Scepter in an arc Try to find cover to avoid them, or dodge them



Ikro, the Ice Conjurer Lore

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Ikro, the Ice Conjurer Notes & Trivia

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Ikro, the Ice Conjurer Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      The Ricochet Rifle essentially turns this boss into Pinwheel from Dark Souls 1 -- He'll die to a stern look.

      • Anonymous

        Welp just lost my hardcore run to this guy. Turns out i shouldnt just tank the storm because that **** hurts a bit

        • Anonymous

          Okay idk if this was a bug and got patched but 1: the black tear does not protect against the storm and 2: the dog seem to be to short and barely deals any damage to the boss.

          • Anonymous

            this guy is a JOKE with black veil tear, a hotshot ricochet rifle (or any use of ricochet rifle) and Very Good Boy.... any of those will UTTERLY ERASE this chump of a boss, just be thankful when you get him instead of the Jackal in a survival run...

            • Anonymous

              A tip for anyone struggling with the iceball: you can use veil of the black tear to block the icicles and completely trivialize this fight.

              • Anonymous

                If you are having issues I found using hot shot to take down the orb on top works really well, takes him down in 3-4 shots, 5 tops. While you do that put a menders aura to help you with the incoming damage. You should be able to 2 - 3 phases. So make sure you charge your menders aura again before the last fase. Hot shots works really well with the hunting pistol.

                • Anonymous

                  In the second phase when he is about to spawn another conjured ice,enough damage will stagger him and cancel the attack.

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