Hammerhead's Ore


"The parasite within these swamp creatures seems to fundamentally change their DNA until almost nothing is left of the original."

Hammerhead's Ore is a Crafting Material in Remnant: From the Ashes. Hammerhead's Ore is used as a component to craft numerous items. Materials can be found in various ways such as enemy or boss drops, scattered in various locations, and inside treasure crates/chests. Crafting Materials can be given to a Merchant and are mainly used as ingredients for Crafting.



 Hammerhead's Ore Usage

  • Hammerhead's Ore is a material that can be used to craft Butchers Flail



How to Find Hammerhead's Ore

  •  The Unclean One's Alternative kill
  • After entering the arena, stick to the right and go down into the basement. Do not aggro the boss. There will be 3 pots that can be interacted with. Interacting with the pots will trigger a hiding animation. Once inside the pot, wait for the cut scene transition and defeat the Unclean One afterwards.


Hammerhead's Ore Notes & Tips

  • Notes and trivia go here.



Crafting Materials
Ancient Core  ♦  Barbed Sinew  ♦  Black Tear  ♦  Blazing Heart  ♦  Blink Spear Shard  ♦  Cold Cell  ♦  Crystalline Plasma  ♦  Displacement Crystal  ♦  Dragon Links  ♦  Dreamer's Mana  ♦  Flesh Barb  ♦  Forged Iron  ♦  Galvanized Iron  ♦  Glacial Scepter  ♦  Glowing Fragment  ♦  Guardian Tentacle  ♦  Hardened Carapace  ♦  Hardened Iron  ♦  Hivestone  ♦  Hollow Seed  ♦  Hound Choker  ♦  Iron  ♦  Iskal Husk  ♦  Jackal's Ivory  ♦  Kin Callers Bell  ♦  Lumenite Crystal  ♦  Luminous Gland  ♦  Obryk's Bracelet  ♦  Radioactive Skull  ♦  Root Neoplasm  ♦  Sentinel Shard  ♦  Shadewood  ♦  Shrapnel Shard  ♦  Silver Fragment  ♦  Simulacrum  ♦  Slime Vessel  ♦  Spore Gland  ♦  Stalker's Claw  ♦  Steel of Agony  ♦  Stone of the Guardian  ♦  Storm Crystal  ♦  Swarm Tusk  ♦  Tempest heartstring  ♦  Tentacle Pod  ♦  The Undying Heart  ♦  Thermal Geode  ♦  Totem Antler  ♦  Twisted Heart  ♦  Unclean Heart  ♦  Void Sliver  ♦  Zephyr's Conduit



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    • Anonymous

      30 Aug 2020 21:07  

      You have to crouch sneak past him,sometimes if your having trouble only sneak when he i*****ting the anvil

      • Anonymous

        28 Apr 2020 14:50  

        You get it by going into the basement before the fight and hiding in a pot, it fades to black and you fight him down there, kill him and you have the ore!

        • Anonymous

          22 Oct 2019 20:12  

          What if the post on their twitter stating try to kill a boss using the letos set for a challenge has something to do with this?

          • Anonymous

            27 Sep 2019 23:58  

            Since apparently most alternate kills seem to be “break off x”(like the dragon you shoot off the tail, the ent is the feet etc) maybe it has something to do with the helmet...? Just guessing here...

            • Anonymous

              21 Sep 2019 18:56  

              Isnit possible to get the drop without cheating and if not does anyone know when it will be properly added to the game?

              • Anonymous

                21 Sep 2019 08:19  

                Can someone confirm this is beeing available to PC players? Has anyone found a way for the alternative kill?

                • Anonymous

                  13 Sep 2019 05:39  

                  I discovered something weird. The Unclean one has a unique animation when running at you where he can bump into a wall. Normally you cannot trigger this when he is charging at you cause the bumping animation only happens while he is running but if you try to lure him towards a wall he starts his belly hit animation quite a ways from the wall. However if get him in the top right corner of the room and lure him to run towards the bottom right corner , if you outrun him he will bump into the pillar of wood that's part of the door frame leading to the floor bellow and cause him to drop on his butt for 2-3 seconds, not sure if this could have something to do with getting this but i am guessing that this is the key and the devs messed up and he cannot bump into the wall regularly.

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Sep 2019 22:55  

                    Had anyone tried to break the hammer after it’s thrown?? I had one game where continuously tried to belly bump me and the hammer was gone but I died. Just a thought.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Sep 2019 05:53  

                      So has anyone tried to kill all the ads before killing the boss? I'm just wondering because when you fight Claviger you have to kill the ads first otherwise you won't get the materials to make the particle accelerator. Maybe the Unclean one works the same way? -Wezzy

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Sep 2019 13:45  

                        Here's my research: 1) you can't go underground till end of boss, 2) I tried to destroy all structures inside the building (try to collapse), 3) There is a Sun icon on his helmet, 4) Hitting the helmet at the top is protected damage (gray), 5) Destroyed all jars, nothing, 6) No events near the fireplace that I could tell (need further testing with an ally). NEXT IS A TEST: Like Harrow, he has scrawny legs, maybe shoot his legs to knock down and do something with his head?

                        • Anonymous

                          01 Sep 2019 12:12  

                          i found that the unclean one do not have any croosive damage, but this item has. so i think we should use some croosive weapon to disdory his hammer and may be we can get the item. i will try it and if i get it i will write on comment.

                          • Anonymous

                            01 Sep 2019 08:17  

                            Killed him with hammer, after he thrown his hammer, and before he could pick it up. did not give me the item. got him to throw the hammer into the fireplace, did not give me the item. if anyone figure it out please let us know ^^

                            • 26 Aug 2019 11:19  

                              You can currently not obtain this item as of the latest patch, build #214415. If you have the item or see a player with the item, it was because they used other means (Cheat Engine) to obtain it.

                              • Anonymous

                                26 Aug 2019 03:09  

                                ok so here's what i've done and what i think might have to be done. -i've killed him by final kill shot is a critical shot/headshot -killed after he broke everything in his arena -killed after throwing his hammer and before he picks it up -killed by last shot hitting that stupid medallion on his anvil head piece -got him to throw the hammer into the funace here's some other ways i thought of but haven't done yet -breaking the anvil on his head and maybe his stomach armour -final kill shot be a critical on his butt hole (cause y not) -kill while spinning -kill with melee -kill with melee while spinning -kill with a hammer

                                • Anonymous

                                  26 Aug 2019 01:35  

                                  Has anyone tried getting the Unclean One to throw his hammer into the fireplace? Hammerhead's Ore / Hammer Head Ore?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    24 Aug 2019 23:01  

                                    I saw someone with this weapon, been trying to figure out a way to break his helmet off. he gets tried and bends over so it might be like pulling out the spear from the other dude

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