Founder's Key


The folks who ran the Wards pulled all kinds of oddities from the other worlds. The mirrors come from a goblin-like race called the Krell. These mirrors enabled the Founders to travel between the Wards completely unobserved.

Founder's Key is a Key Item in Remnant: From the Ashes.




 Founder's Key Usage

  • This key unlocks a computer connected to a mirror on the lower levels of Ward 13.



How to Find Founder's Key



Founder's Key Notes & Tips

  • Other notes and tips go here.



Key Items
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    • Anonymous

      I have the Founder's key, but it won't insert (does nothing). I went back to the prison but Ford is gone. Ideas?

      • Anonymous

        after inserting the key, and entering the mirror and then backing out, i lost the key and cant active the mirror anymore. and the quest keeps telling me to enter the mirror

        • Anonymous

          What do I do with the key once I get it? It says to go back to ward 13 to the founders office to use it, but where is it?

          • Anonymous

            after doing the new adventure mode right before i went to fight the final boss, i think i lost it, because when i went to go to the mirror, once i was there, i didn't have it anymore... is there any way to solve this?

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