Encumbrance is a Stat in Remnant From The Ashes which determines a player's dodge types, and stamina cost when performing Stamina-consuming actions.

Each unit of weight increases the cost of Stamina-consuming actions by 1%.

Stamina Action Base Cost Approximate Uses
Hero Sword Charge Attack 35 3 swings
Worlds Edge Charge Attack 40 3 swings
Sprint 7.5/s 13.33 seconds
Slide 10 10 slides
Neutral Dodge 20 5 dodges
Directional/Flop Dodge 25 4 dodges


0-25 = LIGHT - Results in the fastest dodge roll and greatest number of i-frames. You can roll approximately 7-8 times with a full stamina bar depending on traits. 
26-50 = MEDIUM - Slightly slower dodge roll and fewer i-frames. You can roll approximately 6-7 times with a full stamina bar depending on traits.
51-75 = HEAVY - Noticeably slower dodge roll and fewer i-frames. You can roll approximately 4 times with a full stamina bar and depending on traits. 
>75 = ULTRA HEAVY - You can no longer dodge roll without Bright Steel Ring, instead belly-flopping onto the ground. However, this does deal damage and stagger to nearby enemies. Additionally, backstep dodge recovery is drastically increased.

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    • Anonymous

      also me the one who commented about the weight reduction of letos amulet/twisted idol + band of castor + band of pollox. i timed how is the interval in seconds between dodge roll regarding corresponding weight: light, medium, heavy, ultra heavy
      ultra heavy : 2.41, heavy : 1.35, medium : 1.12, light : 0.92. these are only approximation.

      • Anonymous

        letos amulet or twisted idol note twisted idol adds 30% armor rating but lessens weight only by 15
        band of pollox + band of castor reduce weight by 25
        either letos or twisted idol with band of pollox and castor you will gain medium weight with letos armor

        • Anonymous

          So no one has found a trait that effects Encumbrance, yet? Just gotta' get lucky and find Leto's Amulet? I got it early in my world. It was in a hidden room on Earth that you could only get into, if you'd seen that one scene in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"

          • Anonymous

            Only difference I've noticed is stamina usage between Light and Medium. At 20 stamina trait, you can roll 5 times with Medium, 6 times with Light. Couldn't see any differences in roll animation/distance.

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