Creeper's Peeper


The Emin are many and so rarely taken prisoner. The only slaves taken from Gris Warren were those Magir had not been told about until his rage had waned.

Creeper's Peeper is a Key Item in Remnant: From the AshesCreeper's Peeper can be inserted inside the statue during the Creeper's Peepers event to acquire the Twin Shot. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by NPCs, or are dropped by Bosses.



 Creeper's Peeper Usage



How to Find Creeper's Peeper

  • Can be found inside the cage in Watcher's Hollow - Reisum. You'll need the Servant Cage Key to open the cage.
  • The item is not found as a lootable object in the cage. You will need to kill the slaves to get this item. You don't have to kill at random. Look at their eyes and kill the one with false green eye.



Creeper's Peeper Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      This game is amazing in a thousand ways. Why isn’t there a reward for opening the cage of servants/slaves? Why is there a reward for murdering a cowering, defenseless slave with no indication as to why you would? This isn’t the first instance of this kind of thing in this game, but it is the worst.

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