Amulet of Epicaricacy

Status Effect
Increases Mod Power generation by 15%. When attacking an enemy with an active STATUS EFFECT. Mod power generation is increased by an additional 30%.

Amulet of Epicaricacy is an Amulet and an accessory in Swamps Of Corsus - Remnant From The Ashes. Amulet of Epicaricacy isn't a Craftable Item. Amulets provide additional protection or other bonuses to your character, add buffs to the player's Stats, and resistance to Status Ailments. Different accessories have different defense values and are, therefore, more or less effective.



The vyxworm exists to consume, and it slavers at the weakness of its prey.


Where to find Amulet of Epicaricacy

  • Obtained from killing the Red Vikorian Beetles that spawn randomly in Corsus dungeons.
  • Red Vikorian Beetles share the same spawn areas with the Black Vikorian Beetles that drop Hardened Carapace.



Amulet of Epicaricacy Notes

  • Players can only equip one Amulet
  • To manage and equip an amulet, open the Character Menu and cycle to the accessories slot below the Armor slots.



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    • Anonymous

      29 Aug 2020 09:06  

      Is this bugged? I have killed many red beetles. I had to reroll corsus multiple times to get various items, mods and traits. I have only got something for my first kill. I have not received and other rewards besides trait point since. I want this amulet to experiment with a new build I thought of, but it is frustrating to not get it even after killing the red bugs

      • 30 Jun 2020 10:04  

        I'm not 100% certain, but if you're looking for THIS DROP SPECIFICALLY off of the Red Beetles... Try putting a Rattle Weed mod on your weapon. Let the beetle HIDE. Then spawn your the Rattle Weed. It will come out. Then kill it. That's how I got mine. Wasn't getting it killing them normally.

        • Anonymous

          16 May 2020 17:00  

          You can get this amulet from any red beetle it appears and they must spawn only in the hive maps on Corsus

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