Adventurer Set


Total Armor


Total Weight


Total Resistances
Armor Set Bonus

Treasure Hunter

Increases chance to get materials from destroying breakables. Increases the amount of scrap picked up by 20%

One Piece
+10% Chance
Two Pieces
+20% Chance
Three Pieces
+35% Chance

Adventurer Set is an Armor Set in Remnant: From the Ashes. Adventurer Set has an armor skill that provides unique passive abilities (all sets add buffs and effects to various stats).

Where to find Adventurer Set

  • Already equipped at the beginning of the game, can be purchased afterwards by Rigs.
  • Goggles can be acquired by defeating 5 bosses in Survival Mode, or purchased by Rigs for 50 Glowing Fragments.


Adventurer Set Set Pieces


Adventurer Set Upgrade Table

Upgrading an armor piece only increases the armor piece's stats and resistances. It does not increase the value of the Armor Skill.

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Name Total Armor
Adventurer Set  31
Adventurer Set +1 47.5
Adventurer Set +2 64.1
Adventurer Set +3 80.6
Adventurer Set +4 97.2
Adventurer Set +5 113.7
Adventurer Set +6 130.3
Adventurer Set +7 146.8
Adventurer Set +8 163.4
Adventurer Set +9 179.9
Adventurer Set +10 196.5
Adventurer Set +11 213
Adventurer Set +12 229.6
Adventurer Set +13 246.1
Adventurer Set +14 262.7
Adventurer Set +15 279.2
Adventurer Set +16 295.8
Adventurer Set +17 312.3
Adventurer Set +18 328.9
Adventurer Set +19 345.4
Adventurer Set +20 362






Adventurer Set Notes

  • The Armor Skill Level depends on the number of pieces you have equipped. Set pieces may be found from crates/chests, in various locations, purchased from Merchants, and by crafting it.

  • Players can equip and change their desired armor on the fly by opening the character menu.

  • These can be upgraded by crafting and using required various Crafting Materials to increase its attributes.

  • The 20% scrap bonus is applied additively to the Scavenger  trait. The scrap bonus is activated with one piece of the set, and is capped at 20%, meaning there is no reason to equip more than one piece of this set if you are using it only for the scrap bonus. 



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